Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy birthday, sweet Eleanor

Today is Ellie's third birthday. It seems impossible to be three years already. The pain is still so fresh and so big. I have a hard time conceptualizing what has happened. We have our own sacred rituals and will be volunteering today at the Ronald McDonald House where we stayed, as well as delivering care packages for newly bereaved parents at the NICU where she lived six short days. She's in my heart always, but this is so damn hard!

Just like this time three years ago, I'm lying awake thinking of her. Then it was in the hospital as I was to deliver her by csection at noon. I hugged my belly and cried and hoped. Now I am happily lying next to her fussy, teething baby sister, still crying for what is gone and hoping for the future of my surviving children. Happy birthday, my sweet Eleanor. 

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  1. My heart goes out to you, and my condolences to you. My best friend and his wife lost a child due to miscarriage and I saw what it did to them. My wife and I did all that we could to be there for them and comfort them, but we still weren’t sure if what we were doing was helping. We heard about a book that we got for them as a gift called “There Was Supposed To Be a Baby” by Catherine Keating, you can check her and the book on the website http://therewassupposedtobe.com/. After they read it they said what a wonderful book and comfort it was to them. Wishing you the ability to find peace and I’m so sorry for the loss you have endured.