Friday, August 19, 2011

Hoping for Hope

Today is the International Day of Hope. If you have lost a baby and are part of any online communities, especially Facebook, you may have noticed people changing their profile pictures for today. We do this in memory of our lost babies and to show solidarity to the other families who had suffered.

The Day of Hope is a great project. As "Babylost Mommas" we try to cope with our grief daily. It is always there. So it is nice to step back from that intense emotion and think about hope, as hard as that may seem sometimes.

Today I am basking in the memory of my sweet Ellie and hoping that others will too. Today I am smiling and hoping that I can bring my rainbow baby home, healthy in October. Today I feel love from my husband as we hope for strength and the ability to heal. And today I hope that the those in different phases of their baby loss journey feel the warmth and support of those that understand. Today I hope.

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